Multiple divisions: Organize different business-processes in single account

Does your company have multiple divisions? Do you offer different types of services, and it doesn’t make sense to mix all company’s customers together? You can manage different customer bases in one SalesDrive account!

For different divisions:

With SalesDrive you will not need several accounts and constantly switch between them.

When to use divisions?

Example 1

For example, your company offers adult and child education. Separate managers work with adults and with children, these divisions have different sales procedures and teaching programs. At the same time, director, marketing and HR specialists have to have access to both divisions. In this case, it is most convenient to create two divisions with separate client databases.

Example 2

Your company has divisions in different regions. Managers and customers vary by region, and it doesn’t make sense to mix them. In this case, creating different divisions in SalesDrive will be the optimal solution!

Easily manage several company divisions with help of SalesDrive!

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