Online requests: Higher amount of sales from your website with SalesDrive

Boost sales by 20-40% by properly processing online requests from the website or from the Landing Page!


React immediately to online requests!

The highest possible amount of sales is achieved when you call back after a request has been submitted during the first 3 minutes. With SalesDrive:

  • Get immediate notifications about new requests even when your web browser is minimized;
  • Get notifications about new requests to your email;
  • Track the speed of requests being examined.


Don’t lose leads!

With SalesDrive:

  • Requests from the website automatically appear in the system;
  • Every request has a responsible manager.


Managers get lost, who should process a request?

With SalesDrive:



Spend money on effective advertising; stop wasting money on advertising channels that give you nothing!

With SalesDrive:

  • Reports on how many requests there were and the amount of sales from each advertising campaign;
  • Integration with Google.Analytics;
  • Integration with Google.Adwords.

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