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We will pay commission on each customer payment.

In addition to customer acquisition commission, we offer:

For Internet advertising agencies

  1. Connect your customers to SalesDrive, and you will know how many online leads, calls and sales each advertising channel generated.
  2. Don’t tell customers «how many clicks you generated», but how much money they earned thanks to advertising!

SalesDrive opportunities for advertising:

For web studios

Don’t offer your customer just website development, but a sales generating tool.

SalesDrive opportunities for website integration:

For VoIP telephony providers

  1. We will set up SalesDrive integration with your IP telephony service.
  2. Offer full package of VoIP telephony and CRM-system.
  3. We will recommend your VoIP telephony services to our customers.

Opportunities for telephony and SalesDrive integration:

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