Annual payment:

per user per month

Quarterly payment:

per user per month

Minimum package - 2 users
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Price includes:

Basic services  
Contacts No limit
Leads No limit
Calls No limit
Tasks No limit
Disk space per user
(excluding files in emails)
1 GB
Disk space for files in emails No limit
Quick edit from list +
Comments for leads/contacts +
Search, filters +
Managers +
Multiple divisions +
Attaching files to leads/contacts/calls +
Access levels +
Interface customization for your business  
Extra fields of any kind +
Editing sales funnel steps +
Manager reports +
Sales funnel +
Month reports +
Day reports +
Advertising campaign reports +
Call reports +
Planning +
Execution control +
Calendar +
Notifications +
Email integration  
Multiple email boxes +
New emails notification +
Emails in contact history +
Email templates +
Website integration  
Receiving leads from website form +
Instant new lead notifications +
New lead email notifications +
Lead auto-distribution between managers +
Search for contact copies +
Telephony integration  
Missed call notification +
Customer profile popup on incoming call +
One click calling from CRM +
Complete call statistic +
Call recording +
Advertising campaigns  
Visits/leads/sales by campaign +
Campaign expenses +
Import campaign expenses from Google.Adwords +
Import of site visits by campaign from Google.Analytics +
Profit by advertising campaign +

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